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Find out more about Single-sided Kits.

Choose a Height

Choose the graphic panel height that suits you.

  • 2000mm stands £160 each 2000mm panels £160 each

  • 2185mm stands £210 each 2185mm panels £160 each

  • 2400mm stands £220 each 2400mm panels £180 each

Larger Kits

Prices from: £2560 Exc. delivery and VAT.

A single-sided FlexeStand kit can be used as individual banners or linked together to form a bigger display. Panels can be connected in any order and flexed into different shapes, allowing the display to fit any space and application. A wide range of easy-to-fit accessories are available, along with options to use it as a double-sided or multi-sided display.

Larger Kits have 8 or more stands and panels.

  • 2000mm stands cost £160ea
  • 2000mm high panels costs £160ea
  • Cases/bags are included.

Example: A 10-panel Kit consists of 10 x stands at £160 = £1600 plus 10 x printed panels @ £160 = £1600, making at total of £3200 including cases/bags.

The bases are available in black or grey.