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Choose a Size

Choose the graphic panel height that suits you.

  • 2000mm high kit - £2240

  • 2185mm high kit - £2520

  • 2400mm high kit - £2800

7-Stand PREMIER Kits

Prices from: £2240 Exc. delivery and VAT.

PREMIER kits are the most versatile of all FlexeStand kits. All the panels can be used individually or linked together in any order, and then flexed into different shapes. They offer maximum stability, the widest range of sizes and maximum compatibility with accessories. They also provide the greatest ease of use, especially for larger stands.

A 7-stand PREMIER Kit includes;

  • 7 x stands  (black or grey bases)
  • 7 x panels  (800, 900 or 1000mm wide)
  • Cases/bags