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Find out more about 2-Pod Kits.

Choose a Size

Choose the graphic panel height to suit you. All pods are 900mm wide.

  • 2000mm high kit - £1120

  • 2185mm high kit - £1220

2-Pod Kits

Prices from: £1120 Exc. delivery and VAT.

Multi-sided Kits have graphics on all sides, giving a 360 degree all-round view. They can be used individually or linked together to create virtually any configuration.

These highly innovative and unique displays are very portable, use very few parts and yet are robust enough to take accessories such as screens, iPads and shelving.

A 2-Pod Kit includes;

  • 4 x printed panels (choose size below)
  • 2 x stands
  • 2 x wheeled cases

The bases are available in black and silver.

Stabilising Kits
A standard single 3SIXTY tower can be used in suitable environments as is. If more stability is required then choose from a range of stabilising kits;

  • A central swivel-out foot on each side – £40
  • A pair of side feet – £40
  • A pair of side feet for both sides of base – £80

Graphic Infill Panels
Price per panel – £100
(required for some outside curves)