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Get to know 4-Stand Kits

Below are just some of many possible configurations. A 1m x 1m floor grid is illustrated. Endcap Panels and varying accessories have been added to some of these illustrations.

  • Printed panels are available in 800, 900 or 1000mm widths. They can be used as individual banners or linked as shown to create a bigger display. 800 x 2185mm panels are illustrated.

  • A range of accessories such as Shelves, iPad Holders, Screens, Lights and Counters can be added to enhance the display.

  • The display can be flexed at every panel join, up to 90 degrees, allowing it to always fit a new space. Endcap Panels can be added to round off the display. A 40in Screen has been added in a wider, 1000mm panel.

  • Even bigger screens can be added. Here a 50in presentation screen has been added over 2 1000mm wide panels. An interactive element such as an iPad is a great addition too.

  • The biggest standard screen is 55in. A display can also be flexed backwards up to 45 degrees. This is often a good way to create some storage on the stand. 1000mm panels are shown.

  • Multiple screens are ideal if you need to conduct on-stand demonstrations. Often counters with wireless mice and keyboards are a useful addition.

  • iPad holders are available in black and white. Shelves and counter tops can be purchased in black, white and beech.

  • A FlexeStand kit is so versatile it can be split down and used in smaller sections, even down to individual banners, or can be re-linked in any new combination.