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Reasons to add Peelable Patches

  • Flexible content for your display

    Peelable Patches allow temporary, new or targeted content to be added to a FlexeStand display without having to reprint any main panels.

  • Any size and shape

    Although the standard shape is rectangular, patches can be cut to virtually any shape. Patches can be placed anywhere and can cover more than one panel.

  • Handy patches for 28in screens

    FlexeStand screen solution are great but sometimes you may want the option to cover up the aperture if the screen is not being used.

  • Handy patches for bigger screens

    Any size screen can be covered up. It's a useful option to have if you can't or don't want to use the screen.

Peelable Patches

Prices from: £30 Exc. delivery and VAT.

Peelable Patches are peel-on/peel-off graphics allowing content on a FlexeStand to be changed without having to reprint. They can be stuck on anywhere and re-positioned at will, even hundreds of times.

Peelable Patches use a special adhesive back that stays tacky without leaving residues or marks on your display. They can be virtually any size and shape.

They can also be used to cover up screens or apertures if the screen is not being used.

Patch prices:

28in Screen Patch – £50
32in Screen Patch – £70
40in Screen Patch – £85

Patches up to 0.15sqm – £30 each
Patches up to 0.20sqm – £40 each
Patches up to 0.25sqm – £50 each
Patches up to 0.35sqm – £60 each
Patches up to 0.50sqm – £70 each
Patches up to 0.75sqm – £85 each
Patches up to 1.00sqm – £95 each

Patches can be cut to non-rectangular sizes for an additional charge.