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Reasons to add Lights

  • Stylish and compact design

    Use these brilliantly designed lights to instantly bring your display to life. Simple to fit and fully adjustable, they are perfect for highlighting key points and attracting maximum attention.

  • Quick and easy to install

    The lights and power supply simply plug into the top of of the the poles. It's quick and hassle-free. There's even a clever cable management system to keep everything tidy.

  • Reduce costs

    At events and exhibitions, the low power consumption of these lights can save on the number of often costly power points booked for a stand.

  • Use double-sided

    You can easily fit an additional light to the top of a pole to light up both sides of a display - very useful when using multi-sided kits.


Prices from: £45 Exc. delivery and VAT.

FlexeStand lights simply plug into the lighting cap at the top of every FlexeStand pole. These hassle-free low voltage spotlights make a big difference to the look of a display allowing key areas to be highlighted.

A FlexeStand light consists of an extending lighting arm with bulb, and a cable/transformer. It only takes a minute to set-up; lean the pole towards you, pop the light into the top of the pole and plug the cable in next to it. The light can be pivoted and angled to spotlight any part of the panel.

3 options are available;

UK Light and Transformer – £45.00
US Light and Transformer – £55.00

Each option comes with the appropriate plug and voltage.