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Reasons to add iPad Holders

  • Present, demo, inspire and interact

    Using iPads is a great way to draw visitors to your display and a great way to extend the time they spend there.

  • Save space, save money

    Unlike stand-alone iPad holders, our solution does not clutter up expensive floor space and has no trailing power cables. They also pack away easily in the main transit cases.

  • Different heights

    As standard, the iPad holder is mounted approx. 115cm from the ground. However, it can be fitted higher and the viewing angle adjusted.

  • Great with a shelf

    A useful surface under the iPad that encourages the visitor to interact. Use for merchandise, product, sweets and to allow the user to put down what they are carrying.

  • Great with peelable patches

    Peelable graphic patches are perfect for drawing attention to the iPad and encouraging interaction, and can easily be changed event to event.

  • Use multiple holders

    Is it common for several holders to be used on the same display. It is also possible for more than one holder to be used on the same panel. Enquire for details.

iPad Holders

Prices from: £150 excl. iPad Exc. delivery and VAT.

FlexeStand iPad Holders are a smart and secure way of attaching iPads to a FlexeStand display.

The iPad is held safe in a locked holder that is fitted securely to a FlexeStand upright. It is quick and easy to fit and the angled holder displays the iPad at a comfortable and approachable height. Holders are available in black and white or can have a printed overlay in any colour. They do not swivel but can be mounted landscape or portrait as required.

Unlike stand-alone tablet holders this solution requires no additional stands, supports or counters. The iPad’s power cable can be fitted through the holder and hidden away behind the stand, giving you power throughout the event, and avoiding trailing cables.

FlexeStand iPad Holders are compatible with iPad 2, 3, 4, Air and Air 2. Other makes of tablet will not fit. Please see our Tablet Solutions as an alternative.