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Reasons to add Endcap Panels

  • The display looks better

    Literally adding a new dimension, endcaps turn the display from 2D to 3D, giving it a more solid, substantial and impressive look.

  • Hides back of the display

    Endcaps hide everything behind the display - poles, screens, cables, cases, coats, bags, boxes etc. improving appearance and security.

  • Ideal for branding/message

    Endcaps are ideal for logos, web addresses and straplines. As visitors approach from the side, endcap branding is often the first thing that is seen.

  • Quick, easy and secure

    If you've ever struggled with endcaps on traditional pop-up displays then FlexeStand endcaps will be a welcome improvement. You won't need 4 pairs of hands, or a roll of gaffa tape and they certainly won't ping off at the slightest touch.

Endcap Panels

Prices from: £425 per pair* Exc. delivery and VAT.

An endcap is an optional printed panel that creates the rounded look to the end of a display. They make the display look more substantial, provide space for message, web address or branding and blank out the back of the display for improved neatness and security.

View an example of a display with and without endcaps.

Choose the endcap panel height to match your main display:

  • 2000mm – £425 per pair
  • 2185mm – £425 per pair
  • 2400mm – £445 per pair