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Reasons to add Double Case Counter

  • Completes Display

    Assembled in seconds by wrapping around the velcro Graphic Panel and placing on the counter top these conversions add the finishing touch to any display.

  • Saves Money

    Convert your cases to spacious counters and you no longer need to spend money buying or hiring them for exhibitions. You can also save on transport costs.

  • Encourages Visitors

    These stylish counters attract visitors and provide a great place to conduct conversations, demonstrate and take notes. Tops available in white, black and beech.

Double Case Counter

Prices from: £195 Exc. delivery and VAT.

Convert two existing FlexeStand wheeled cases into a counter with a graphic wrap and wooden top. The two D-shaped cases are placed back to back and held together by the top and wrap. A cost-effective and space-saving way to create a counter.

A standard kit includes;

  • a printed graphic wrap
  • a folding wooden top

Wooden tops are available in white, black and beech.