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Reasons to add 40in Screen Solution

  • Add instant impact

    40in screens make a big impact whatever the size of display. It's quick and easy to do, with no tools or special skills required.

  • Save money and space

    An integrated FlexeStand screen saves on the cost of hiring screens and most importantly saves on expensive floor space at trade shows and events.

  • Give yourself the option

    Play presentations and movies directly from your USB memory stick or connect your computer via HDMI for demos and interactive content.

  • Add flexibility

    The ability to link and unlink FlexeStand sections means that you can add the screen when its needed and leave it out when not.

  • Keep your options open

    Alternatively, simply use a Peelable Graphic Patch to cover up your screen aperture. (see accessories).

  • Choose the look

    The screen will be flush fitted as standard but you can request it to be surface mounted if you prefer.

40in Screen Solution

Prices from: £900 incl. integration Exc. delivery and VAT.

FlexeStand screen solutions add a whole new dimension to a display. It takes a few seconds to fit a lightweight, flush-fitting FlexeStand screen. No expertise, no experience and no tools required. No problem for one person. Plug in one power lead and your USB memory stick and you can be playing your slideshow or video within a few clicks of the remote control. Simple!

A 40in screen solution includes;

  • compatible leading-brand 40in LED screen
  • modifications to screen
  • bespoke brackets for screen and stand
  • stabilising system for stand
  • steel-lined aperture in graphic

All brackets are pre-fitted to screen and stand and are ready to use. The screen is supplied in the manufacturers cardboard shipping box unless another carry option is ordered as follows.

Carry Bag/Case Options

  • Padded bag and protector – £150
  • Hard case – £150
  • Flight case – £495

Supplying own screen

If a client pre-owns a compatible 40in screen then it may be possible to integrate it into a FlexeStand kit. If suitable then a maximum of £350 can be deducted from the solution price.