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Reasons to add 28in Screen + Case

  • Attract attention and add interest

    Capable of playing slideshows and video directly from your USB memory stick or from your connected computer, nothing attracts attention better than a moving image.

  • It's quick, easy and saves money

    Simply hook the screen onto your stand, add power and you're done! No tools or skills needed. Plus save on the cost of hiring screens and save on expensive floor space at trade shows and events.

  • Present a targeted message

    Screens can be used to focus attention and promote specific products and services to a particular audience and updated for the next event.

  • Look better than the competition

    Moving images add life to a dull display and stand out in the busiest surroundings.

  • Integrated screens in towers.

    Flush fitting 28in screens used in Multi-sided Kits keep all wiring and accessories hidden from view.

28in Screen + Case

Prices from: £470 incl. integration Exc. delivery and VAT.

FlexeStand screens add a whole new dimension to a display. It takes a few seconds to fit a lightweight, flush-fitting screen. No expertise, no experience and no tools required. No problem for one person. Plug in one power lead and your USB memory stick and you can be playing slideshows or videos within a few clicks of the remote control. Simple!

A 28in Screen + Case includes;

  • compatible leading-brand 28in LED screen
  • hard padded carry case for screen with magnetic screen protector
  • modifications to screen
  • bespoke brackets for screen and stand
  • stabilising system for stand
  • steel-lined aperture in graphic for flush-fit finish

All brackets are pre-fitted to screen and stand and ready to use.

Case Options

  • Remove Hard Carry Case – Deduct £100
  • Add Flight Case – Add £395

Supplying own screen

If a client pre-owns a compatible 28in screen then it may be possible to integrate it into a FlexeStand kit. If suitable then a maximum of £100 can be deducted from the solution price. Please contact us for further information.